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Parc Bourdon Disc Golf Course


Parc Bourdon — Rue légère eau 90/92, 1420 Braine-l’Alleud, Belgium.
GPS : 50°41’32.2’’N 4°23’03.1’’E


Access to the park and the Disc Golf course is free, provided that the Safety and Courtesy rules are strictly observed due to the park public/mixed activities area status.


  • Four warm-up baskets. To differentiate them from the 18-hole course targets whose top bands are yellow, their bands are blue, orange, green and red.
  • A short course for beginners and children. The tee boxes are located in the fairways of the long holes. They are represented by a blue rectangle on the tee signs.
  • The long course requires a high level of technique. It is the one used for competitions. The tee pads are represented by a green rectangle on the course map and the tee signs.

Below are images of the detailed course map and all tee signs. A Scorecard is also available on our website.

Course Map & Tee Signs